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When leaders harness their head, heart and gut intelligence they greatly enhance their effectiveness

Embodied Leadership

Powerful, practical and experiential workshops to improve or change the way work gets done, now and in the future.

Embodied Leadership Essentials
Liberating Structures

Vertical Q

Vertical Q is a unique leadership strengths profile system that reveals individual (and team) leadership qualities using a simple posture and bodily focused attention assessment.

Leaders learn to tune into 9 power centres within the body to identify where their own unique strengths and challenges lie.

Collective Leadership

Transformational deep dive leadership retreats and workshops on systems awareness and coaching. Connecting to, understanding and engaging  the system to lead collectively.


Collective leadership retreat
Introduction to coaching
Leading with systems awareness
ELSP practitioner certification


Interventions, co-designed with you, that nudge changes in the dynamics of your team and organisation culture.

Coaching & Facilitation

Individual and team coaching and facilitation that leads to shifts in how people think and respond to the world.


Design for learning transfer to be happening from start to finish

We provide leading edge embodied and collective leadership development as workshops and retreats. Right now, the Covid-19 message is clear; “He Waka eke noa” – we are all in this together.  Mindbodyleaders have responded with an understanding of the urgency in creating alternative ways to support organisations through this tremendous upheaval – to not just survive, but to use this opportunity to realign the ways they connect with others.


Embodied Leadership Essentials


The planet needs better leadership at all levels for humanity to survive and thrive. We know that organisations have an awareness that teams aren’t performing and they need to address alarming increases in wellbeing issues.

This workshop series is a development programme for participants to lead the emerging Aotearoa by learning to connect to self, to others, to place and to the environment.

We focus on Embodied Leadership perspectives (ie, head, heart, gut), experiences and practices. Participants do not have their heads simply filled with theory – they have specific practices that they can choose to apply from the moment they first experience them.

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Vertical Q assessments


Vertical Q is a unique leadership strengths profile system that reveals individual (and team) leadership qualities using a simple posture and bodily focused attention assessment.

Leaders learn to tune into 9 power centres within the body to identify where their own unique strengths and challenges lie. This individual awareness opens the door for deeper team/ group /community relationships. This is because embodied leaders learn to knowingly contribute their individual strengths to the collective in the same way a flock of geese move across the sky.

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WORKSHOPS (Virtual or Face to Face)

Mindbodyleaders offers customised programmes for leadership teams. The retreat environment  enables deep learning creating  the opportunity to unlock individual and team potential.

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Liberating structures

WORKSHOP (Virtual or Face to Face)

Liberating Structures are simple methods that anybody can use to improve or change the way work gets done, now and in the future. Every single one of the 33 structures rests on the idea that everybody is included and invited to participate in shaping the group’s shared future. The structures are easy to learn, requiring no lengthy training. They are easy to use and don’t require bringing in an expert.
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Client Testimonials

“David supported me to clarify and integrate my personal values and identify and examine limiting beliefs and habits of thought. This has enabled me to take a new leadership role with more confidence and deliver at a higher level for the team and the wider business.”



“Some of us heard Shona speak at the Women in Public Sector summit 2019 and thought she was brilliant. We were not disappointed. Shona has a calming and inclusive facilitation style. She is warm. She is genuine. She speaks from the heart and her material is creative and captivating. She inspires a commitment to individual and collective growth. We were left energised and reflective. Thank you Shona.”


Department of Corrections

“David provided me with the opportunity to think through some big challenges and come up with solutions, as well as to make significant progress on my career aspirations.”


Health Sector

“Over the last twelve months our leadership team has had the pleasure of working with Shona developing our leadership culture.

What started as a collection of leaders (relatively) effective within their areas of responsibility is rapidly transforming into an effective leadership collective. The power of this cannot be overstated.

Our transition has been clearly evident through the covid -19 pandemic where connected collective leadership has driven a higher degree of clarity, courage and creativity in decision making across our team in the most uncertain of times. In the leadership sense the whole is now clearly greater than the sum of the parts and it has been an absolute privilege to experience the transition.”

Senior Manager Emergency Services


” Shona was a guest speaker at the Women in Public Sector Summit in Wellington in 2019, attended by over 500 public sector women. Shona shared her insights and experiences on the concept of influencing from the heart through collective leadership. Shona’s session was extremely engaging, especially with her illustrating her points with drawings as she spoke. I received extremely positive feedback from people in the audience and I know representatives from women’s networks were keen to speak to Shona afterwards and extend an invitation for her to speak at their agency’s women’s networks events.”

Liz Chin

former Programme Director, Government Women’s Network

“Coaching has assisted me in being far more intentional about my engagement both at a strategic and management perspective. The greatest benefit was David helping me recognise my own authenticity in my leadership and articulating my leadership intent in a way that can be adapted to different leadership settings.”


Independent Director

“Shona facilitated senior manager meetings on two occasions for me. Shona is an experienced and excellent facilitator. I appreciated Shona’s preparation in advance of the sessions ensuring she had a thorough understanding of the situation, goals of the session, participants, and a good structure.

Shona has a warm, inclusive, compassionate and caring approach and she was quickly able to develop a rapport with participants and gain their trust. Participants were engaged throughout the sessions and the meeting goals were achieved, thanks to Shona’s efforts and guidance on the day.”

Liz Chin, former Programme Director

Government Women’s Network


Helping You Lead Through Critical Challenges

The time has come to learn how to tame egos and to build meaningful relationships with ourselves, each other, and our place.

Old ways of being and doing are not working and are being challenged. There is a new consciousness developing globally. The power of the collective is being recognised and explored. We need people with “fresh eyes” who can read the signals of change and respond to the emerging future. 

Global health ,economic, political and environmental challenges are forcing us to examine the very essence of how we operate as individuals, teams, organisations and communities. At mindbodyleaders, our mission is to support the understanding and practical application of collective/systems leadership across Aotearoa New Zealand. It’s time for a new organisational model – collective/systems leadership is that model. Whether it is coaching, facilitation or interventions, we will work with you to bring about meaningful change.

Mindbodyleaders offers a uniquely Aotearoa/New Zealand approach to people development. 

David Bennett

David Bennett

Leadership Coach

David is an experienced leadership coach and facilitator who speaks the language of business. His transformational coaching helps leaders and managers thrive in a complex and uncertain world by understanding and growing their most important leadership asset: themselves. He balances challenge and support by listening deeply and questioning with humility.

Shona Munro

Shona Munro

Leadership Development

Shona is an experienced facilitator committed to supporting people to connect with their authentic selves so that they can contribute fully to their team, their organisation and their communities.

She has a PhD in leadership development and workplace wellbeing. She was a recipient of a Fulbright Research Scholar award where she explored  her interest in the relationship between leadership development and justice reform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please don’t take our word for it! Read some of the answers to questions on just how effective the mindbodyleaders approach is, and how this relates specifically to New Zealand organisations.

1. What does MindBody Leaders offer that is different?

The mindbodyleaders team is constantly learning (the more we know the more we realise how little we know!). We are prepared to go to the learning edge ourselves to ensure that our clients are able to find and explore that edge for themselves. We strive to operate from the Collective space and in doing so are able to support our clients (teams and individuals) to access their unique  “head heart and gut” wisdom. We want your team to surprise themselves, to do the unpredictable and achieve the unimaginable.

2. Is Collective Leadership just another buzz word for teamwork?

We say a resounding NO!  Good teamwork is really important but  what we are proposing is way more than the traditional approach to teamwork. We invite people to begin to build a deep and meaningful relationship with themselves that will enable them to then learn how to capitalise on the collective. We support team and individual learning so that leaders can become fully present; with “fresh eyes,” that can read the signals of change and respond to the emerging future.

3. What is mindbodyleaders kaupapa?

At Mindbodyleaders we understand that there are profound changes in culture, consciousness and social systems occurring across the globe. We know that  those changes can impact on the values, practices and structures of organisations in ways that can greatly benefit mankind. We believe that in Aotearoa New Zealand we are uniquely positioned to  help individuals and teams to tap into the place where ancient wisdom and modern science intersect to realise that benefit.

4. How credible is the mindbodyleaders team?

Shona and David make a very powerful team. We understand ‘he waka eke noa’ (we are all in this together) and  that none of us is as great as all of us. Alongside this kaupapa we bring a wealth of experience to support our collective wisdom. Shona and David have both completed facilitator training in Collective Leadership and continue their professional development in that field while deepening their understanding of Te Ao Maori.  We have a wealth of public and private sector and life experience. Our backgrounds include corporate, tertiary and secondary education, policing, professional services, infrastructure development, programme management, alliances, manufacturing, broadcasting, SME business ownership, and the not for profit sector.
If what you have read here resonates with you and you would like to know more – don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

In this video, the mindbodyleaders team discuss what it means to lead your team as a collective, and how empowering this different approach is.

Current models of leadership training just aren’t working within the complex environments teams are exposed to. The mindbodyleaders approach draws on the latest in neuroscience, in accessing the head, heart and gut – and invites you to lead from those places.

We understand the importance of leadership roles, Our individual journeys have bought us together – each from a different pathway, with a shared vision of realising the potential of the people that work within organisations. It’s time for a new way of leading.

We Specialise in Collective Leadership

MindBody Leaders are the New Zealand partners for the global consultancy, Leadership Coefficient. We offer their Collective Leadership workshops and retreats here in New Zealand.  At the heart of this innovative systems approach to leadership is a focus on leadership embodiment: enabling leaders to access their whole body intelligence – head, heart, gut – in order to solve ever more complex problems.

Leadership Coefficient offers a pioneering, body-based assessment that reveals people’s strengths through the natural intelligence of the body. This is the Embodied Leadership Strengths Profile (ELSP). This unique methodology provides immediate visibility into a team’s combined strengths, challenges, dynamics and performance opportunities.

Leaders increasingly need to be able to think in more complex, systemic, strategic and interdependent ways. Collective Leadership is based on the premise that answers to complex challenges will emerge from a collective’s full embodied intelligence. Our ELSP approach enables teams to develop unique competencies that are essential for sustainability in the dynamic business environment of today.

Leadership Coefficient clients have measured significant business impacts in employee engagement, productivity, quality improvement and innovation. Leadership Coefficient’s Collective “Leader Being” Model frames our approach in the following:

Embodied Leadership Strengths Profile

(ELSP) is an innovative, body-based assessment methodology that reveals an individual’s inner strengths through the natural intelligence of the body.

This unique methodology provides immediate visibility into a team’s combined talents, strengths, challenges and performance opportunities. Applying this awareness and understanding, collective performance increases.

Focus on the "Being" versus the "Doing" of Leadership

The emphasis is on exploring the core, authentic being that we are, versus the traditional focus on what leaders are supposed to be doing. Through deepened awareness of ourselves and of how we impact others, we can begin to change how we choose to be in relationship.

Leading by Capitalising on the Collective Intelligence

A collective leadership model demands of us increased awareness that we are part of a larger whole. In the complex and dynamic world of today, it is not possible for one person to know everything and leaders must be capable of leading from the intelligence of the whole system.

Leading from the Future as Opposed to only the Past

We address the power of being fully present in order to see with fresh eyes and discover a future that is emerging moment by moment. It requires us to come from future possibility, not only past experience or prior mental models. “Presencing” the future is the place of true innovation.

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It’s time for a new way of leading

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