Liberating Structures Immersion Workshops

Liberating Structures Immersion Workshops

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Are you charged with bringing people together to solve a problem or lead a change? Is part of your role trying to get the ‘best’ out of people and teams? Would you like to energise people to adapt and evolve their current ways to become more innovative? Liberating Structures can help make it happen and help you break through boring meeting norms.

The creators of Liberating Structures describe them as offering easy methods for leaders to achieve better results in every situation, provided they are willing to include as many of the affected people as possible. Problem solving, making decisions, planning, or innovating become processes they are facilitating rather than directing. They quickly discover that it is possible, and not that difficult, to include and engage everybody and give everyone the opportunity to contribute. Liberating Structures gives you practical ways of unleashing creativity to solve complex organisational problems.

Liberating Structures are simple methods that anybody can use to improve or change the way work gets done, now and in the future. Every single one of the 33 structures rests on the idea that everybody is included and invited to participate in shaping the group’s shared future. The structures are easy to learn, requiring no lengthy training. They are easy to use and don’t require bringing in an expert.

These highly engaging, experiential learning workshops, are facilitated by David Bennett, who has learnt from the co-founder of Liberating Structures, Keith McCandless. Workshops will be structured from the easiest techniques to the most complex.

The one day workshop focuses on bringing more freedom, responsibility, and inclusiveness to routine meetings. You will learn how to: eliminate counter- productive behaviours to make space for innovation; generate and sift a groups more powerful actionable ideas in rapid cycles; get clear on the purpose of your work; evaluate progress and develop people simultaneously.

In the two day workshop we also focus on boosting innovation when working across functions and disciplines on complex projects and initiatives. How to: stop separating the deciders from the doers; find alternatives to importing top-down “best practice” initiatives; work productively with difference and positive deviance.

In the three day workshop we also focus on working at the top of your individual and collective intelligence when organizing a movement, strategy- making, or transforming a culture. How to: include more people in shaping the future; identify assumptions & beliefs that limit your progress; and, gain strength from disruptions and surprises in the environment you operate in.

These virtual or face to face workshops are facilitated by David Bennett. Contact David via our contact page for inquiries or registrations.

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